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Publications of the other Institutions

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E006 - Büro des Rektorats

E007 - Finance

E010F - University Archive

E011 - PR and Fundraising

E012 - Controlling

E014 - Internal Audit

E015 - University Extension Centre

E0151 - International Office

E0152 - Teaching Support Center

E0154 - Research and Transfer Support

E0155 - European Research Support

E020 - Information Technology Solutions

E027 - Center for Information- and Facility Management

E030 - Institute for Testing and Research in Materials Technology

E034 - Center for the Promotion of Women and Gender Studies

E040 - University Library

Exxx - Research Centers

E057B - University Service Center for Transmission Electron Microscopy

E057D - X-Ray Center (XRC)

E057E - Analytical Instrumentation Center (AIC)

E057G - JASEC (Japan Austria Science Exchange Center)

E058 - RTI Support (Research, Technology, Innovation)

E060 - Center for Education Development

E061 - Teaching Support Center

E063 - International Office

E065 - University's Development and Quality Management

E080 - Real Estate and Facility Management

E081 - Archivs

E629 - Services Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs

Services Vice Rectorate Human Resources and Gender

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