Publications of the Faculty

The page "Publications of the Faculty" provides a simple interface that allows in a concise mode a search of the data in the database for everybody without the need of a login into the database. Depending on the location from and the conditions under which the page "Publications of the Faculty" has been invoked, some fields may be preset. For the benefit of the international community, the page "Publications of the Faculty" is completely bi-lingual (English and German); the user may switch at any time between the two language versions.

The browser used should be JavaScript-enabled to guarantee the best performance of the page "Publications of the Faculty". This page still works on browsers without JavaScript, although with a slightly reduced functionality. We will point out the differences between the Javascript-enabled and the non-JavaScript versions of this page where appropriate.

The page "Publications of the Faculty" consists of several zones which are dedicated to different functions:

The top-most zone serves the administration of this page. On JavaScript-enabled browsers, there are, among others, links in the top fields and in the shaded area under "Selection of Publications" that allow to change the language of the page and to reset the search selections, respectively. The page is reloaded automatically with the chosen settings. On not JavaScript-enabled browsers, a list-box allows to select the language with which the page "Publications of the Faculty" (and the pages invoked from it) are displayed. In this case, the page must be manually reloaded with the button "Refresh form fields". (There is a hint on this immediately under the header line of the page.) A button "Default Settings" resets the selection elements.

The next zone allows to limit the selection of publications that meet the conditions specified below to those belonging to a certain organisation unit - an institute or a group within an institute - or a particular person. The list-boxes which allow to select an organisation unit or person depend on one another in order to shorten the time needed to load the page "Publications of the Faculty": The list-box "Group" holds only those groups that belong to the institute selected with the list-box "Institute"; and the list-box "Person" holds only the names of the persons belonging to a particular institute or group if an institute and/or a group has been selected. The list of persons is initially empty if it would contain more than 500 entries. This applies often to the option "External persons (no members of the TU Vienna)" and practically always to the option "selection from all entries for persons of the faculty". In this case, a restricted list of persons is only built after the beginning of a name was entered into the field "Search for name records" and the button "Search" was pressed. (Pressing the "Enter" key on the keyboard has the same effect for most modern browsers.) The checkbox "Select publication records for all aliases of this person" is automatically activated in the JavaScript-enabled version when a person has been selected.

In the JavaScript-enabled version, an additional text field and a button "Search" is displayed next to the "Person" listbox if the list of persons holds more than 20 entries. By entering the beginning of a name into the text field and clicking on "Search" you may quickly move to the first matching entry in the list.

On a JavaScript-enabled browser, all list-boxes are updated automatically after one of these list-boxes has been altered; in addition, the radio button indicating the active choice is automatically adjusted. Without JavaScript, the button "Refresh form fields" must be pressed; the radio buttons are not updated in this case.

The search can be limited according to one of four criteria:

  • At least one author of the publication or a person essentially involved in the publication (the editor of a series of books, or one of the reviewers of a diploma or doctor's thesis) belongs to the selected organisation unit or is the selected person;
  • At least one author of the publication belongs to the selected organisation unit or is the selected person; the affiliation of editors, reviewers etc. is ignored;
  • At least one person shown on the lists of authors and editors or reviewers belongs to the selected organisation unit or is the selected person;
  • The "owner" of the record in the database (i.e., the person who entered the publication into the database) belongs to the selected organisation unit or is the selected person.

The next two zones allow to limit the choice of the records to be searched and/or listed to certain publication types, publications with peer review or SCI (or SSCI or A&HCI) publications, and/or to a certain time range. Since an SCI rating implies that the publication has been submitted to a scientific review, the two options "with peer review" and "SCI, SSCI and AHCI" are mutually exclusive. This is enforced automatically in the JacaScript-enabled version; although both checkboxes can be simultaneously activated in the non-JavaScript version, the output list is limited to the more restrictive condition "SCI (SSCI, A&HCI) publication".

The next two zones constitute a functional unit. They permit a full-text search of the records that meet the above criteria. Either the entire record or only certain parts of it may be searched. No search takes place if the field "Search for" is empty; all records which meet the above criteria are listed in this case. You can find comprehensive information on the full-text search in a separate help file.

The last two zones but one pertain to the rendering of the publication lists: They allow to activate the display of additional information on the persons involved in the publication entries, and determine the sorting order of the extended publication list to be created. The criterion "age" pertains to the time when a publication has been entered into the database (the publications entered last appear first in the output list); it has been provided for database administration purposes. A checkbox permits to invert the (primary) sort order.

The last zone holds only the button "Search for records in the Publication Database". On clicking on this button an extended publication list is created, which contains all records that meet all the selection criteria. The title of a publication is displayed as a link to an electronic version of this publication if applicable; a link "More information" is displayed immediately after all records that hold information beyond the standard bibliographical data, e.g., abstracts. The link "More information" invokes a page which holds this additional information.

Prior to creating an extended publication list, the function checks the selection criteria for sanity. Possible errors are displayed in pop-up dialog boxes in the JavaScript-enabled version of the page; in the non-JavaScript version, these error messages appear immediately under the title line after a reload of the page "Publications of the Faculty". An extended publication list is generated only if this appears to be safe and to make sense.