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M. Nguyen, A. Tjoa:
"Zero-Latency Data Warehousing (ZLDWH): the State-of-the-art and experimental implementation approaches";
Vortrag: The 4th IEEE INTERNATIONAL COFERENCE ON COMPUTER SCIENCES RESEARCH; INNOVATION AND VISION FOR THE FUTURE (RIVF 2006), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; 12.02.2006 - 16.02.2006; in: "RIVF 2006 - The 4th IEEE International Conference on Computer Science, Research, Innovation, and Vision for the Future", IEEE, IEEE NJ 08855-1331 USA (2006), ISBN: 1-4244-0316-2; S. 166 - 175.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Increased data volumes and accelerating update
speeds are fundamentally changing the role of the data
warehouse in modern businesses. More data, coming in faster,
and requiring immediate conversion into decisions means that
organizations are confronting the need for a Zero-Latency Data
The Zero-Latency Data Warehouse (ZLDWH) is an extended
stage in the data warehouse development, which will enable a
complete business intelligence process to observe, understand,
predict, react to, reorganize, monitor, automate and control
feedback loops in the minimal latency. This paper reviews the
start-of-the-art of the Zero-Latency Data Warehouse and
investigates two experimental approaches towards its
implementations. (1) The Grid-based Zero-Latency Data Stream
Warehouse (GZLDSWH) with the aim to tackle the resource
limitation issues in data stream processing without using
approximation approaches. (2) Sense & Response Service
Architecture (SARESA) towards a complete Business Intelligence
process to sense, interpret, predict, automate and respond to
business processes.

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