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H. Hoang, A. Tjoa:
"The Virtual Query Language for Information Retrieval in the SemanticLIFE Framework";
Vortrag: WISM06 - International Workshop on Web Information Systems Modeling held conjunction with CAiSE06, Luxembourg; 06.06.2006; in: "Proceedings of the International Workshop on Web Information Systems Modeling", (2006), S. 1065 - 1076.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Creating an innovative mediator environment such as graphical user interfaces, lighter weight languages to help the users in the challenging task of making unambiguous requests is crucial in semantic web applications. The query language in the Virtual Query System (VQS) of
the SemanticLIFE framework is designed for this purpose. The proposed query language namely Virtual Query Language (VQL) is in a further effort of reducing complexity in query making from the user-side, as well as, simplifying the communication for components of the SemanticLIFE system with the VQS, and increasing the portability of the system.

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Projektleitung A Min Tjoa:
Anwendung von Semantic-Web-Konzepten für betriebliche Informationsmanagementsysteme

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