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H. Hoang, A. Tjoa, M. Nguyen:
"Ontology-based Virtual Query System for the SemanticLIFE Digital Memory Project: Concepts, Designs and Implementation";
Vortrag: The 4th IEEE INTERNATIONAL COFERENCE ON COMPUTER SCIENCES RESEARCH; INNOVATION AND VISION FOR THE FUTURE (RIVF 2006), HoChiMinh City, Vietnam; 12.02.2006 - 16.02.2006; in: "Addendum Contributions of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Computer Sciences", Studia Informatica Universalis, (2006), S. 39 - 45.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Ever increasing capacities of contemporary storage devices inspire the vision to accumulate (personal) information without the need to delete old data over a long time-span. Hence the target of the SemanticLIFE project is to create a personal information management system for a human lifetime data. One of the most important characteristics of the system is its dedication to retrieve information and data in a very efficient way by adopting user demands regarding the reduction of ambiguities aiming at a user-friendly and yet powerful enough system with a satisfactory query performance. In this paper, we introduce the concepts and a design of the query system of SemanticLIFE, the Virtual Query System, which uses emerging Semantic Web technologies to fulfill necessary requirements.

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