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A. Tjoa, H. Hoang, G. Quirchmayr, T. Duy:
"A semantic data model for the interpretion of environmental streaming data";
Vortrag: ICIST 2017 Seventh International Conference on Information Science and Technology, Da Nang, Vietnam; 16.04.2017 - 19.04.2017; in: "Information Science and Technology (ICIST)", IEEE978-1-5090-5401-5, (2017), S. 376 - 380.

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IoT Data and smart data is the most important key in research on particulate domain. This paper we present a semantic data model for environment system by propose a light-weight semantic ontology approach for represent IoT data with Semantic Web. By using a cross-domain knowledge by extend SSN ontology combine with other domain specific to mapping sensor streaming data and annotation sensor.

semantic web, stream data, RDF stream, SSN, light-weightoOntology, smart data

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