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Publication list for members of
E165 - Institute of Materials Chemistry
E165-03 Theoretical Chemistry
as authors or essentially involved persons
Printed Original Contributions
2021 - 2021

3 records

Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. F. Murphy-Armando, M. Brehm, P. Steindl, M. Lusk, T. Fromherz, K. Schwarz, P. Blaha:
    "Light emission from direct band gap germanium containing split-interstitial defects";
    Physical Review B, 103 (2021), 085310.

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  2. Sami Dzsaber, X. Yan, M. Taupin, Gaku Eguchi, A. Prokofiev, T. Shiroka, P. Blaha, O. Rubel, S. Grefe, H. Lai, Q. Si, S. Paschen:
    "Giant spontaneous Hall effect in a nonmagnetic Weyl-Kondo semimetal";
    PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118 (2021), e2013386118.

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  3. O. Rubel, F. Tran, X. Rocquefelte, P. Blaha:
    "Perturbation approach to ab initio effective mass calculations";
    Computer Physics Communications, 261 (2021), 107648.

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