Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

Authors: Helmut Bölcskei, E389-03; T. Stranz; Franz Hlawatsch, E389-03; Ralph Sucher, E389-03

H. Bölcskei, T. Stranz, F. Hlawatsch, R. Sucher:
"Subband image coding using cosine-modulated filter banks with perfect reconstruction and linear phase";
Talk: IEEE Int. Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Santa Barbara, CA, USA; 10-26-1997 - 10-29-1997; in: "IEEE Int. Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 1997", (1997), 594 - 597.

Author: Ralph Sucher, E389-03

R. Sucher:
"A self-organizing nonlinear filter based on fuzzy clustering";
Talk: IEEE Int. Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Atlanta, GA, USA; 05-12-1996 - 05-15-1996; in: "IEEE Int.Symp. On Circuits and Systems (ISCAS'96)", (1996), 101 - 103.

Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised)

Author: Ralph Sucher, E389-03
Other person involved: Wolfgang F. G. Mecklenbräuker, E389-03

R. Sucher:
"Adaptive nichtlineare Filter zur Unterdrückung von Impulsrauschen in Bildern";
Supervisor, Reviewer: W.F.G. Mecklenbräuker; E 389, 1997.

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