Publications in Scientific Journals

Authors: W. Glatt; Martin Schreiblehner, E389-02; C. Haider; Walter Leeb, E389-02

W. Glatt, M. Schreiblehner, C. Haider, W. Leeb:
"Optical PSK homodyne system using a switched residual carrier for phase synchronisation";
Electronics Letters, vol. 32 (1996), no. 15; 1386 - 1387.

Authors: Michael Rasztovits-Wiech, E389-02; Martin Schreiblehner, E389-02; Arpad Ludwig Scholtz, E389-02; Walter Leeb, E389-02; P. Polacek

M. Rasztovits-Wiech, M. Schreiblehner, A.L. Scholtz, W. Leeb, P. Polacek:
"Highly sensitive 565 Mbit/s optical heterodyne receiver demonstrator for λ = 1.06 Ám with automatic frequency acquisition";
International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), vol. 2381 (1995), 302 - 310.

Authors: Martin Schreiblehner, E389-02; Michael Rasztovits-Wiech, E389-02; Walter Leeb, E389-02; Arpad Ludwig Scholtz, E389-02

M. Schreiblehner, M. Rasztovits-Wiech, W. Leeb, A.L. Scholtz:
"Experimental and numerical determination of crosstalk in a coherent optical multichannel receiver";
International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), vol. 2381 (1995), 320 - 329.

Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised)

Author: Georg Pfeiffer, E389
Other person involved: Martin Schreiblehner, E389-02

G. Pfeiffer:
"Synthesizer 30-300MHz";
Supervisor: M. Schreiblehner; E 389, 1997.

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