Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

Authors: Andreas Gehring, E389-02; Martin Steinbauer, E389-02; I Gaspard; Michael Grigat

A. Gehring, M. Steinbauer, I Gaspard, M. Grigat:
"Empirical Channel Stationarity in Urban Environments";
Talk: 4th European Personal Mobile Communications Conference (EPMCC 2001), Vienna, Austria; 02-20-2001 - 02-22-2001; in: "Proceedings of the European Personal Mobile Communications Conference", (2001).

Authors: Jörg Broeker; Andreas Gehring, E389-02; Thilo Sauter, E384-01

J. Broeker, A. Gehring, T. Sauter:
"Simulation und Analyse von Single-Clock CMOS FlipFlops.";
Talk: Austrochip 2000, Graz; 10-13-2000; in: "Tagungsband zur Austrochip 2000", (2000), 61 - 70.

Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised)

Author: Andreas Gehring, E389-02
Other person involved: Thomas Neubauer, E389-02

A. Gehring:
"System-Level Simulations for the Time-Division-Duplex Mode of UMTS";
Supervisor: T. Neubauer; E 389, 2000.

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