Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

Authors: G. Wölfle; F. M. Landstorfer; Reiner Gahleitner, E389-02; Ernst Bonek, E389-02

G. Wölfle, F. M. Landstorfer, R. Gahleitner, E. Bonek:
"Extensions to the Field Strength Prediction Technique Based on Dominant Paths between Transmitter and Receiver in Indoor Wireless Communications";
Talk: European Personal Mobile Communications Conference (EPMCC), Vienna, Austria; 09-30-1997 - 10-02-1997; in: "Proccedings of the 2nd European Personal Mobile Communications Conference (EPMCC'97), ITG Fachbericht 145", (1997), 29 - 36.

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