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Publication list for
Günther Michael Zeck
E363 - Institute of Biomedical Electronics
as author or essentially involved person

6 records (2021)

Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. Authors: Andrea Corna, E363; Poornima Ramesh; Jakob Macke; Günther Michael Zeck, E363

    A Corna, P. Ramesh, J Macke, G.M. Zeck:
    "Discrimination of simple objects decoded from the output of retinal ganglion cells upon sinusoidal electrical stimulation";
    Journal of Neural Engineering, 18 (2021), 4; 046086.


  2. Authors: Aya Elghajiji; Stephen Weston; Günther Michael Zeck, E363; Sebastian Hengerer; David Tosh; Paulo Rocha

    A. Elghajiji, S. Weston, G.M. Zeck, S. Hengerer, D. Tosh, R.F. Rocha:
    "Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Monitoring Cell Differentiation from Floor Plate Progenitors to Midbrain Neurons in Real Time";
    Advanced Biology, 1 (2021), 2100330 - 2100341.


  3. Authors: Miriam Reh; Meng-Jung Lee; Günther Michael Zeck, E363

    M. Reh, M. Lee, G.M. Zeck:
    "Spatial and temporal resolution of optogenetically recovered vision in ChR2-transduced mouse retina";
    Journal of Neural Engineering, 18 (2021).


  4. Authors: Marijana Samardzija; Andrea Corna, E363; Raquel Gomez-Sintes; Eberhart Zrenner; Günther Michael Zeck, E363

    M. Samardzija, A Corna, R. Gomez-Sintes, E. Zrenner, G.M. Zeck et al.:
    "HDAC inhibition ameliorates cone survival in retinitis pigmentosa mice";
    Cell Death And Differentiation, 28 (2021), 1317 - 1332.


  5. Authors: Sven Schnichels; Maximilian Schultheiss; Günther Michael Zeck, E363; Patricia Klemm; Jose Hurst; Martin Spitzer

    S. Schnichels, M. Schultheiss, G.M. Zeck, S. Klemm, J. Hurst, M. Spitzer et al.:
    "Cyclosporine A Protects Retinal Explants against Hypoxia";
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19 (2021), 22.


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Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. Author: Günther Michael Zeck, E363

    G.M. Zeck:
    "Assessing and improving vision restoration using ex vivo retina";
    Talk: Bar-Ilan-University, Israel, Vision Seminar, Zoom (invited); 06-22-2021.