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Publication list for
Christian Steineder
as author or essentially involved person

10 records (2004 - 2018)

Publications in Scientific Journals

C. Steineder:
"Subword complexity and projection bodies";
Advances in Mathematics, 217 (2008), 5; 2377 - 2400.

M. Beiglböck, C. Steineder, R. Winkler:
"Sequences and filters of characters characterizing subgroups of compact Abelian groups";
Topology and its Applications, 153 (2006), 1682 - 1695.

C. Steineder, R. Winkler:
"Complexity of Hartman sequences";
Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux, 17 (2005), 347 - 357.

Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

C. Steineder:
"The projection body and binary coding sequences";
Talk: BIRS Workshop on "Affine convex geometric analysis", Banff (invited); 2009-01-12 - 2009-01-16.

C. Steineder:
"An introduction to coding sequences and a link to convex geometry";
Talk: Polytechnic University New York, New York (invited); 2008-02-28.

C. Steineder:
"A geometric interpretation of the subword complexity";
Talk: Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Number Theory, Strobl (invited); 2007-07-02 - 2007-07-06.

C. Steineder:
"Subword complexity and projection bodies";
Talk: Journées de Numeration, Graz (invited); 2007-04-16 - 2007-04-20.

C. Steineder:
"Lacunarity and the Bohr topology";
Talk: Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie, Wien, Austria; 2004-06-04.

Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised)

C. Steineder:
"Coding sequences";
Supervisor, Reviewer: R. Winkler; Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie, 2005.

Scientific Reports

A. Mahdavi, U. Pont, E. Bajraktari, J. Lechleitner, N. Maly, M. Schuss, C. Steineder, C. Tauber:
"LEI_WAND - LEIse_WAND: Innovative Fassaden für natürliche Raumlüftung und optimierten Schallschutz - Berichte aus Energie- und Umweltforschung (veröffentlichbarer Endbericht des LEI_WAND-Projektes)";
Report for Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft // FFG bzw. Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie // BMVIT; Report No. veröffentlichbarer Endbericht, 2018; 68 pages.