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Publication list for
Dieter Hainz
E141 - Atominstitute
as author or essentially involved person

9 records (2010 - 2017)

Publications in Scientific Journals

Authors: Georg Steinhauser, E141-05; Stefan Merz, E141-05; Dieter Hainz, E141; Johannes H. Sterba, E141-05

G. Steinhauser, S. Merz, D. Hainz, J.H. Sterba:
"Artificial radioactivity in environmental media (air, rainwater, soil, vegetation) in Austria after the Fukushima nuclear accident";
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 20 (2013), 2527 - 2534.

Authors: Georg Steinhauser, E141-05; Mario Villa, E141-05; Nico Bernt; Helmuth Böck, E141-05; Michal Chudy, E141; M. Gerstmayr, E141-05; Johannes Handsteiner; Dieter Hainz, E141; Michael Hajek, E141-05; Tobias Kulenkampff; Rupert Langegger; Stefan Merz, E141-05; Robert Mischitz; A. Musilek, E141-05; E. Radde, E141-05; Helmut Rauch, E141-04; Markus Salletmaier; Johannes Srajer, E134-03; Johannes H. Sterba, E141-05; Christoph Stettner; Monika Veit, E141

G. Steinhauser, M. Villa, N. Bernt, H. Böck, M. Chudy, M. Gerstmayr, J. Handsteiner, D. Hainz, M. Hajek, T. Kulenkampff, R. Langegger, S. Merz, R. Mischitz, A. Musilek, E. Radde, H. Rauch, M. Salletmaier, J. Srajer, J.H. Sterba, C. Stettner, M. Veit:
"Information management of the Fukushima reactor accident in Austria";
Disaster Advances, 5 (2012), 2; 61 - 63.

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Authors: O. Masson; A. Baeza; J. Bieringer; K. Brudecki; S. Bucci; M. Cappai; O. Connan; C. Cosma; A. Dalheimer; G. Depuydt; L. E. De Geer; A. De Vismes; L. Gini; F. Groppi; K. Gudnason; R. Gurriaran; Dieter Hainz, E141; ó. Halldórson; D. Hammond; O. Hanley; K. Holey; Zs. Homoki; A. Ioannidou; K. Isajenko; M. Jankovic; C. Katzlberger; M. Kettunen; R. Kierepko; R. Kontro; P. J. M. Kwakman; M. Lecomte; L. Leon Vintro; A. P. Leppänen; B. Lind; G. Lujaniene; P. Mc Ginnity; C. Mc Mahon; H. Mala; S. Manenti; M. Manolopoulo; A. Mattila; A. Mauring; J. W. Mietelski; B. Moller; S. P. Nielsen; J. Nikolic; R. M. W. Overwater; S. E. Pálsson; C. Papastefanou; I. Penev; M. K. Pham; P. P. Povinec; H. Ramebäck; M. Reis; W. Ringer; A. Rodriguez; P.R.J. Saey, E141-05; V. Samsonov; C. Schlosser; G. Sgorbati; B. V. Silobritiene; C. Söderström; R. Sogni; L. Solier; M. Sonck; Georg Steinhauser, E141-05; T. Steinkopff; P. Steinmann; S. Stoulos; I. Sykora; D. Todorovic; N. Tooloutalaie; J. Tschiersch; A. Ugron; E. Vagena; A. Vargas; H. Wershofen; O. Zhukova

O. Masson, A. Baeza, J. Bieringer, K. Brudecki, S. Bucci, M. Cappai, O. Connan, C. Cosma, A. Dalheimer, G. Depuydt, L. De Geer, A. De Vismes, L. Gini, F. Groppi, K. Gudnason, R. Gurriaran, D. Hainz, ó. Halldórson, D. Hammond, O. Hanley, K. Holey, Z. Homoki, A. Ioannidou, K. Isajenko, M. Jankovic, C. Katzlberger, M. Kettunen, R. Kierepko, R. Kontro, P. Kwakman, M. Lecomte, L. Leon Vintro, A. Leppänen, B. Lind, G. Lujaniene, P. Mc Ginnity, C. Mc Mahon, H. Mala, S. Manenti, M. Manolopoulo, A. Mattila, A. Mauring, J. Mietelski, B. Moller, S. Nielsen, J. Nikolic, R. Overwater, S. Pálsson, C. Papastefanou, I. Penev, M. Pham, P. Povinec, H. Ramebäck, M. Reis, W. Ringer, A. Rodriguez, P.R.J. Saey, V. Samsonov, C. Schlosser, G. Sgorbati, B. Silobritiene, C. Söderström, R. Sogni, L. Solier, M. Sonck, G. Steinhauser, T. Steinkopff, P. Steinmann, S. Stoulos, I. Sykora, D. Todorovic, N. Tooloutalaie, J. Tschiersch, A. Ugron, E. Vagena, A. Vargas, H. Wershofen, O. Zhukova:
"Tracking of Airborne Radionuclides from the Damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Reactors by European Networks";
Environmental Science and Technology, 45 (2011), 7670 - 7677.

Contributions to Proceedings

Authors: Wilfried Mach, E141-04; Erwin Jericha, E141-04; Michael Bacak, E141-04; Dieter Hainz, E141; A. Musilek, E141-05; Mario Villa, E141-05; Hartmut Abele, E141-04
Other persons involved: Leon Cizelj; Tadej Holler

W. Mach, E. Jericha, M. Bacak, D. Hainz, A. Musilek, M. Villa, H. Abele:
"Installation of a Thermal White Neutron Beam Facility at the TRIGA Reactor in Vienna";
in: "Conference Proceedings of the 26th International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe (NENE 2017)", L. Cizelj, T. Holler (ed.); issued by: Nuclear Society of Slovenia; Nuclear Society of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017, ISBN: 978-961-6207-43-0, Paper ID 502, 8 pages.

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Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

Authors: Thomas Auzinger, E193-02; Ralf Habel; A. Musilek, E141-05; Dieter Hainz, E141; Michael Wimmer, E193-02

T. Auzinger, R. Habel, A. Musilek, D. Hainz, M. Wimmer:
"GeigerCam: Measuring Radioactivity with Webcams";
Poster: ACM Siggraph, Los Angeles; 2012-08-05 - 2012-08-09; in: "Acm Siggraph 2012", (2012), 1 pages.

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Authors: A. Musilek, E141-05; Dieter Hainz, E141

A. Musilek, D. Hainz:
"Using A Low-Level Gamma Spectroscopy System In The Periphery Of A Research Reactor";
Talk: Environmental Radioactivity 2010, Rome, Italy; 2010-10-25 - 2010-10-27; in: "Environmental Radioactivity", Rom (2010), 74.

Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

Authors: Stefan Merz, E141-05; Georg Steinhauser, E141-05; Dieter Hainz, E141

S. Merz, G. Steinhauser, D. Hainz:
"Monitoring of the environmental pathways of radionuclides released after the Fukushima reactor accident";
Talk: Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry IX (MARC IX), Kona, USA; 2012-03-25 - 2012-03-30.

Authors: A. Musilek, E141-05; Georg Steinhauser, E141-05; Dieter Hainz, E141

A. Musilek, G. Steinhauser, D. Hainz:
"Low-level gamma spectroscopy measurements of air samples in Austria after the Fukushima accident";
Poster: 3rd - International Nuclear Chemistry Congress, Sicily, Italy; 2011-09-18 - 2011-09-23.

Scientific Reports

Authors: Johannes H. Sterba, E141-05; Mario Villa, E141-05; R. Bergmann, E141-05; A. Musilek, E141-05; Siegfried Shrbeny, E141-05; Dieter Hainz, E141

J.H. Sterba, M. Villa, R. Bergmann, A. Musilek, S. Shrbeny, D. Hainz:
"Periodische Sicherheitsüberprüfung des TRIGA Reaktors Wien";
Report for Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft; Report No. ATIR-1406, 2014; 113 pages.

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