Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. F. Molisch, M. Paier, E. Bonek:
"Analytical computation of the error probability of (G)MSK with adaptive sampling in mobile radio channels";
European Transactions on Telecommunications, vol. 9 (1998), 551 - 559.

English abstract:
We extend the analytical computation of the error probability of (Gauss-filtered) Minimum Shift Keying (G)MSK with adaptive determination of the sampling time in mobile radio channels. We present a new method that allows to include (i) an N-path fading channel (with S<<T, where S is the rms delay spread, and T the bit length) and (ii) noise. We show that the errors due to ISI go like K(S/T)2, where the proportionality constant K depends on the Gaussian filtering, the receiver filtering, and the sampling time. The chosen sampling instants for large group delays depend on the signal-to-noise ratios: for low SNR, sampling times near the average mean delay are optimum, while at high SNR, sampling times that are shifted by approximately T/2 are optimum.

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