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W. Kozek, A. F. Molisch, E. Bonek:
"Pulse design for robust multicarrier transmission over doubly-dispersive channels";
Talk: International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT), Porto Carras, Greece; 06-21-1998 - 06-25-1998; in: "International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT'98)", (1998), 313 - 317.

English abstract:
We present a new approach to multicarrier communications over dispersive mobile radio channels. Unlike previous investigations, which were restricted to orthogonal (transmission) signal sets, we show that the use of nonorthogonal but linearly independent signal sets (i.e. Riesz bases) leads to less distortion in dispersive channels. We derive equations for the residual intersymbol and interchannel interference due to the time- and frequency dispersion of the channel. There is a tradeoff between these dispersion effects and the AWGN behavior of the channel.

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