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J. Laurila, A. F. Molisch, E. Bonek:
"Influence of the scatterer distribution on power delay profiles and azimuthal power spectra of mobile radio channels";
Talk: Int. Symposium on spread spectrum techniques and applications (ISSSTA), Sun City, South Africa; 09-02-1998 - 09-04-1998; in: "IEEE 5th Int. Symposium on spread spectrum techniques and applications (ISSSTA'98)", (1998), 267 - 271.

English abstract:
We consider the distribution of scatterers that are responsible for the temporal and angular dispersion of mobile radio channel models. In a first step, we concentrate on the local scatterers around the mobile station. Various approximations for this distribution are analyzed, and their effect on the PDP (power delay profile) and APS (azimuthal power spectrum) are derived. We find that a one-sided Gaussian distribution gives the best agreement with measurements. Measured PDPs are usually exponential and APSs are usually Laplacian. We analyze the difference between single and multiple scattering. Finally, we consider the influence of scatterers that are situated far away from the mobile station.

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