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A. F. Molisch, J. Laurila, A. Kuchar:
"Geometry-based stochastic model for mobile radio channels with directional component";
Talk: Symposium on Intelligent Antenna Technology for Mobile Communications, Guildford, Surrey, UK; 07-09-1998 - 07-10-1998; in: "Symposium on Itelligent Antenna Technology for Mobile Communications", (1998).

English abstract:
For the design and performance evaluation of adaptive antenna systems realistic directional channel models are required. We propose the Geometry based Stochastic Channel Model, (GSCM), which has several desirable properties when the directional component is taken into account. In this model, we prescribe the probability density function (pdf) of the location of the scatterers. This scatterer geometry enables the computation of power delay profile (PDP) and azimuthal power spectrum (APS) by simple ray tracing. We also give an analytical transformation that allows to link the scatterer geometry with the resulting delay-angle distribution at the base station. The inverse transformation enables to adapt the GSCM to the specific measured environment in a straightforward way.

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