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M. Paier, A. F. Molisch, E. Bonek:
"Determination of the optimum sampling time in DECT-like systems";
Vortrag: European Personal Mobile Communications Conference (EPMCC), Bonn, Germany; 30.09.1997 - 02.10.1997; in: "2nd European Personal Mobile Communications Conference (EPMCC'97)", (1997), S. 459 - 465.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In cordless communications systems like DECT, the errors due to time dispersion of the channel can be drastically reduced by adaptive determination of the sampling time. Previous analyses of such adaptive systems have relied on an "ideal" adaptation scheme. In this paper we analyze various realistic adaptation schemes and compare them to the ideal one. We show that determination of the sampling time and packet synchronization should be done simultaneously. Furthermore we describe schemes that achieve almost ideal performance (BER by a factor 1.3-1.5 larger compared to ideal performance) with simple receiver structures.

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