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G. Brauner:
"FACTS in the liberalized market - from the state of the art to future trends";
Vortrag: PCIM (Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion, Power Quality), Nürnberg, Deutschland (eingeladen); 06.06.2000 - 08.06.2000; in: "Power Quality - June 2000 Proceedings", (2000), S. 145 - 148.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The Liberalization of the electricity market led to an unbundling, so that generation, transmission, distribution and energy trade have to be separately handled. The transmission and distribution networks still represent natural monopolies and are forced to gain their money by transmission costs. Due to the need for economic efficiency in the future, there will be lower investments into transmission and distribution networks. Together with generator scheduling mainly due to market rules but not to technical needs, the available transmission capacity will decrease. For maintaining a sufficient margin of available transmission capacity, in future there will be an increased usage of FACTS in form of static voltage controller (SVC) and in some special cases of unified power flow controller (UPFC).

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