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G. Brauner, C. Hennerbichler:
"Functional sensitivity of low voltage consumers to voltage dips";
Vortrag: PCIM (Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion, Power Quality), Nürnberg, Deutschland; 06.06.2000 - 08.06.2000; in: "Power Quality - June 2000 Proceedings", (2000), S. 115 - 119.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Short circuit faults and large load variations may cause voltage dips and short interruptions in electrical distribution systems. These phenomena are purely random in nature and their amplitdue and duration varies in a significant range.
- The deviation from the rated voltage caused by a short circuit depends on the fault distance and the short-circuit power of the network. The duration is given by the fault clearing time of selective protection and circuit-breaker.
- Large load changes, e.g. by motor starting, may result in voltage dips with a duration of up to some seconds.
In this paper the behaviour of differnt low voltage consumers during the occurrence of voltage reductions is considered. For the investigated devices the combinations of amplitude and duration of voltage depressions which result in a malfunction are evaluated.

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