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C. Hennerbichler, G. Brauner:
"Universal analysis and prognosis of flicker in distribution networks";
Vortrag: PCIM (Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion, Power Quality), Nürnberg, Deutschland; 06.06.2000 - 08.06.2000; in: "Power Quality - June 2000 Proceedings", (2000), S. 121 - 126.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Up to now the simulation of flicker in distribution networks has been carried out either without considering a detailed model of the flickermeter or by simulating only very short time intervals, which do not seem to allow expressive statements about the resulting flicker severity. To overcome this problem, an adequate method for flicker simulation is presented, that allows the simulation of three-phase voltage fluctuations over long periods of time and additionally their assessment with an accurate flickermeter-model. A modification of the IEC-flickermeter to an universal flickermeter ist described, which makes it possible to compare the flicker effects generated by different lamps. Moreover, an example for the application of the proposed simulation method is presented.

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