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H. Arthaber, A. F. Molisch, E. Bonek, J.S. Hammerschmidt:
"Diversity techniques and spatial preprocessing for existing GSM mobile terminals";
Talk: International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT), Acapulco, Mexico; 05-22-2000 - 05-25-2000; in: "International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2000)", (2000), ISBN: 968-36-7763-0; 1045 - 1050.

English abstract:
This paper studies the performance improvement by diversity combining at a GSM mobile station (MS). In order to get a low-cost solution, we assume three antennas and separate space and time processing. We use realistic channel models with different angular power spectras for each delay tap. The considered antenna combining schemes range from selection combing (SC) over equal-gain combining (EGC) to optimum combining for frequency selective channels (OC-FS). The temporal processing is done by a conventional GSM receiver with MLSE detection. With OC-FS the SNIR improvement is typically 10dB. SC and EGC show much less improvement.

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