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J.C. Bic, E. Bonek (ed.):
"Advances in UMTS Technology";
Hermes Penton Ltd., London, 2002, ISBN: 1-9039-9614-7; 216 pages.

English abstract:
Telecommunications academics, industry researchers and communications consultants will need this book to keep themselves up to date with developments in the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), the third generation mobile system, which is now being used in Japan and Europe. The main benefits - spectrum efficient radio interfaces offering high capacity, large bandwidths, ability to interconnect with IP-based networks, and flexibility of mixed services with variable data - offer exciting prospects for the deployment of these networks.
Written by academic researchers, manufacturers and operators, this publication addresses several issues emphasizing the third generation's future evolution, improving the wireless mobile's performance on to the fourth generation. Outlining as it does key topics in this area of enormous innovation and commercial investment, this material is certain to excite considerable interest in academia and the communications industry.

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