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G. Biegelbauer, A. Pichler, M. Vincze:
"Detection of Geometric Features in Range Images for Automated Spray Painting";
Vortrag: 26th Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (ÖAGM/AAPR), Graz; 10.09.2002 - 11.09.2002; in: "Vision with Non-Traditional Sensors", Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft, 160 (2002), ISBN: 3-85403-160-2; S. 233 - 240.

Kurzfassung englisch:
To automatically generate the robot motion for robotic spray painting it is necessary to find
the process-relevant features of the industrial part. Laser triangulation sensors obtain a range
image of the parts moving on a conveyor belt. This paper presents the methods to detect the
relevant geometric features, free form surface, cavity and rib section. Detection operates in
real-time and results are shown for a large set of industrial parts under production conditions.

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