A. Weinmann:
"Robust Dynamics and Control";
International Journal Automation Austria (IJAA), 10 (2002), 1; S. 1 - 65.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This survey paper adresses the most common methods and algorithms for
analyzing dynamical systems with severe tolerances of their
components . These uncertainties are asserted in time or frequency domain,
oriented at the system parameters or merely at the input-output behaviour.
In addition, the systems are augmented by robust controllers.
They allow for optimum design of the over-all system dynamics in order to
optimally cope with the uncertainties as far as stability and performance is

In more detail, methods based on H_inf theory, the Michailow value set
and Kharitonov's results are presented.
Independent (rectangular) and spherical uncertainties are taken into
consideration. Model predictive systems are extended to robust operation.
Uncertainties are also modelled as fuzzy sets.

For illustration and easy understanding, numerous examples are included.
Several MATLAB codes are presented as well to provide the reader with
material to quickly recall or modify the results.

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