M. Vincze, M. Ayromlou, C. Beltran, A. Gasteratos, S. Hoffgaard, O. Madsen, W. Ponweiser, M. Zillich:
"A System to Navigate a Robot into a Ship Structure";
Machine Vision and Applications, 14 (2003), 1; S. 15 - 25.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A prototype system has been built to navigate a
walking robot into a ship structure. The 8-legged robot is
equipped with an active stereo head. From the CAD-model
of the ship good view points are selected, such that the head
can look at locations with sufficient edge features, which are
extracted automatically for each view. The pose of the robot is
estimated from the features detected by two vision approaches.
One approach searches in stereo images for junctions and measures
the 3-D position. The other method uses monocular image
and tracks 2-D edge features. Robust tracking is achieved
with a method of edge projected integration of cues (EPIC).
Two inclinometres are used to stabilise the head while the robot
moves. The results of the final demonstration to navigate the
robot within centimetre accuracy are given.

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