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B. Badic, M. Rupp, H. Weinrichter:
"Adaptive Channel Matched Extended Alamouti Space-Time Code Exploiting Partial Feedback";
Talk: International Conference on Cellular and Intelligent Communications (CIC), Seoul, Korea; 10-28-2003 - 10-31-2003; in: "The 8th International Conference on Cellular and Intelligent Communications", (2003), 350 - 354.

English abstract:
Since the publication of Alamouti´s famous (2 space-time block code, various suboptimal space-time codesfor multi-input/multi-output fading channels for four transmitantennas have been proposed not achieving full diversity full rate. In this paper we present a simple adaptive, channeldependent, rate-one Extended Alamouti space-time block code for four transmit antennas and one receive antenna using partial feedback. The relevant channel state information is sent back from the receiver to the transmitter quantized to one or two bits per code block. In this way signal transmission with improved diversity is achieved being near to the maximum diversity value of d = 4. Such high diversity can be exploited with zero forcing receiver as well as with maximum-likelihood (ML) receiver.

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