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I. Shtrikman, J. Fuhl:
"Low Absorption Broadband Internal Antennas for Hand-Held Terminals";
Talk: Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), Innsbruck, Austria; 07-08-1996 - 07-12-1996; in: "Proc. Progress in Electomagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS'96), TH P6 Antenna Theory and Antenna Arrays", (1996), 556.

English abstract:
Absorbtion of electromagnetic energy in the human tissue has received increasing attention in the last years. This is especially true for mobile communications. This paper analyses a promising antenna concept for minimizing user exposure to radiation. It is an internal antenna, named Radiation Coupled-L Antenna (RCDLA), mounted on the back side of the housing of the hand-held. It utilizes the hand-held as shielding struture. The frequent disadvantage of internal antennas, which is their narrow bandwidth, is overcome by double resonance feature. Our simulation and measurement results show a performance of the antenna, which is highly desired for mobile radio applications. It directs a null in the radiation pattern towards the human operator, whereas otherwise a nearly isotropical radiation pattern is achieved. In the first design stage, the antennas are analysed using the Wire Grid Method of Moments. Simulations including the presence of the user are then performed using the Finite Integration Algorithm. Our simulation results show reduction in the maximal SAR inside the user's head of more than 50% compared to the conventional well known quarterwave monopole antenna mounted on top of the handset

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