Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. F. Molisch, M. Steinbauer:
"Condensed parameters for characterizing wideband mobile radio channels";
International Journal of Wireless Information Networks, vol. 6 (1999), 133 - 154.

English abstract:
Condensed parameters are used for a concise description of wideband mobile radio channel measurements. The most popular are the delay spread, the coherence bandwidth, and the delay window. In this paper, we analyze their definitions, interrelations, and applicability under various circumstances. Similarily, we analyze condensed parameters in the Doppler frequency domain. There are important differences between instantaneous and averaged parameters, and we discuss the meaning of them. We show that ergodicity and WSSUS (wide-sense stationary uncorrelated scattering) are required so that average parameters can be defined. For overspread channels, delay spread and coherence bandwidth can be defined, but they are not meaningful. We demonstrate that the "classical" descriptions, namely delay spread and coherence bandwidth, do not allow a system-independent characterization of the channel, and we propose a set of window parameters instead. Their meaning for channel characterization and system simulation is investigated.

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