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A. F. Molisch, E. Bonek:
"Computation of the Bit Error Probability of MSK with Fractional-Bit Detection in Time-Dispersive AWGN Fading Channels";
Talk: Conference on Radio Sciences and Telecommunications (RVK), Lulea, Sweden; 06-03-1996 - 06-05-1996; in: "Proc. International Union of Radio Science (SNRV) and NUTEK on Radio Science and Communication Conference (RVK'96)", (1996), 390 - 394.

English abstract:
We compute the bit error probability of (G)MSK with fractional-bit detection in a mobile radio channel. We assume that the channel is an N-path Rayleigh-fading channel, but also allow an LOS component (Rice statistic). Noise, filtering of the input sequence, and receiver filtering are all taken into account. First, we reduce the error probability to a fourfold integral. We then use a new mathematical formalism, the "two-path equivalent matrix" method for the analytical evaluation of this integral. We show how increasing the sampling- time shift trades off error floor against noise susceptibility. We urthermore demonstrate how receiver filtering and filtering of the input data sequence reduces the ability of the fractional-bit detection to combat the error floor.

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