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P. Svoboda, F. Ricciato, R. Pilz, E. Hasenleithner:
"Composition of GPRS, UMTS traffic: snapshots from a live network";
Talk: IPS-MoMe 2006, Salzburg, Österreich; 02-27-2006 - 02-28-2006; in: "IPS-MOME 2006 4th International Workshop on Internet Performance", Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, 1 (2006), 40 - 51.

English abstract:
Abstract. This paper focuses on the traffic composition in a real GPRS/UMTS
network. We present results from two datasets covering two one-week measurement
periods, in December 2004 and November 2005. We show how users and
traffic split between access technologies (GPRS and UMTS) and services, and
present an analysis of the per-user activity at the PDP-context level.
The results reported here provide an up-to-date view of the traffic and user activity
in an operational 3G network. It should help those researchers interested
in reproducing synthetic network scenarios to gain a better understanding about
the traffic environment in a real network. Moreover, we discuss several technicalities
found in performing such measurements, which should be helpful to those
researchers active in 3G monitoring.

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