W. Park, B.-H. Cheong, E.-J. Bae, H. Kosina, M. Pourfath:
"Transistor with Carbon Nanotube Channel and Method of Manufacturing the Same";
Patent: Europe, Nr. EP 1 655 791 A1 ; eingereicht: 09.09.2005, erteilt: 10.05.2006.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A transistor with a carbon nanotube channel and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. At least two gate electrodes are formed on a gate insulating layer formed on a carbon nanotube channel and are insulated from each other. Thus, the minority carrier is prevented from flowing into the carbon nanotube channel. Accordingly, it is possible to prevent a leakage current that is generated when both the majority carrier and the minority carrier flow into the carbon nanotube channel. Therfore, characteristics of the transistor can be prevented from being degraded due to the leakage current.

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