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S. Özcan, T. Roch, G. Strasser, J. Smoliner, R. Franke, T. Fritz:
"Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy/Spectroscopy on Au/Titanylphthalocyanine/GaAs Heterostructures";
Poster: GMe Workshop 2006, Wien; 13.10.2006; in: "GMe Workshop 2006 Proceedings", K. Riedling (Hrg.); (2006), ISBN: 978-3-901578-17-5; S. 71 - 75.

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In this article Au/titanylphthalocyanine/GaAs diodes incorporating ultra smooth thin films of the archetypal organic semiconductor titanylphthalocyanine (TiOPc) were investigated by Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy/Spectroscopy (BEEM/S). Analyzing the BEEM spectra, we find that the TiOPc increases the BEEM threshold voltage compared to reference Au/GaAs diodes. From BEEM images taken we conclude that our molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) grown samples show very homogeneous transmission, compared to wet chemically manufactured organic films. The barrier height measured on the Au-TiOPc-GaAs is Vb ~ 1.2eV, which is in good agreement with the data found in reference [1]. The results indicate that TiOPc functions as a p-type semiconductor, which is plausible since the measurements were carried out in air [2].

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