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G. Mollova, F. Scherbaum:
"Influence of parameters selection in Chebyshev filters on the strong motion data processing";
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 5 (2007), 4; 609 - 627.

English abstract:
This contribution discusses the application of Chebyshev Type I filter for processing real earthquake records. Consideration is given to the effects of filtering parameters (passband amplitude ripple and order of the filter) on the time series, strong-motion parameters, Fourier Amplitude Spectrum of acceleration, and elastic displacement response spectra. Time histories of five earthquakes with different moment magnitudes have been examined (from stations located close to the epicenters). Data processing is based on application of bandpass Chebyshev filtering over frequency range with substantial signal to noise ratio (level of 3 or approximately 3dB). Applying different filters, we have monitored several important strong-motion parameters: peak values of acceleration, velocity, and displacement; Arias intensity, Acceleration/Velocity spectrum intensity, Significant duration, etc. Some new results and conclusions concerning the influence of Chebyshev filter in data processing of records have been summarized. The graphical and numerical outcomes obtained, as well as the comparison with a Butterworth causal filter, are included in the work. The results could be potentially useful to engineering seismologists who need to evaluate and better understand the merits of this type of filtering for strong-motion data processing.

Acceleration, Chebyshev Type I filter, Digital filters, Displacement, Response spectra, Strong-motion data, Velocity

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