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S. Trotta, B. Dehlink, H. Knapp, K. Aufinger, T.F. Meister, J. Böck, A.L. Scholtz:
"Design Considerations for Low-Noise, Highly-Linear Millimeter-Wave Mixers in SiGe Bipolar Technology";
Talk: IEEE 33rd European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC 2007), Munich, Germany; 09-11-2007 - 09-13-2007; in: "ESSCIRC Proceedings 2007", (2007), ISBN: 1-4244-1124-6; 356 - 359.

English abstract:
This paper presents design considerations for millimeter-wave mixers based on the Gilbert cell. The theory has been validated by a test chip fabricated in a 200 GHz fT SiGe:C bipolar technology. The chip has been designed for applications at 76 GHz. The measured single-sideband noise figure (NFSSB) is 11.2 dB while the conversion gain is 15 dB with an input-referred 1 dB compression point (ICP) and an input-referred third-order intercept point (IIP3) of +2.5 dBm and +8.5 dBm, respectively. The chip consumes 61 mA at a supply voltage of 5.5 V.

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