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L. Superiori, O. Nemethova, M. Rupp:
"Detection of Visual Impairments in the Visual Domain";
Poster: Picture Coding Symposium, Lissabon, Portugal; 11-07-2007 - 11-09-2007; in: "Picture Coding Symposium Proceedings", (2007), ISBN: 978-989-8109-04-0.

English abstract:
In this article we investigate the utilization of the corrupted IP packets (indicated by checksum) at H.264/AVC
decoders. The position of the error within a packet is pre−localized by a syntax analysis. The impairments
remaining after syntax analysis are further detected in the pixel domain by means of a voting system, using
difference frames and knowledge about the artifact appearance. The blocks considered as erroneous are
concealed. The proposed detection of artifacts in the pixel domain considerably improves the error detection
performance achieved by the syntax analysis. The combined system clearly outperforms the typically
employed slice discarding in terms of quality measured by mean squared error.

H.264/AVC, Error Detection, Wireless

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