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C. Mecklenbräuker, A. Paier, J. Karedal, N. Czink, H. Hofstetter, C. Dumard, T. Zemen, F. Tufvesson, A. Molisch:
"Challenges in vehicular communications for impactive systems - Dynamics, Doppler, and Delay,";
Talk: Joint Workshop on Coding and Communications (JWCC), Dürnstein (invited); 10-15-2007 - 10-16-2007.

English abstract:
Traffic telematics applications are currently under intense research and development for
making transportation safer, more efficient, and cleaner. Communication systems which
provide "always on" connectivity at data rates between 1 and 10 Mb/s to highly mobile
surface traffic (cars and trains) are urgently required for developing traffic telematics
applications and services. This contribution presents a description of an extensive measurement campaign during April 2007 in Lund, Sweden, in an urban scenario, a rural scenario, and on a highway. We
measured car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure channels in 4 4 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) confugation in the 5.2 GHz band with high Doppler resolution. Here, we discuss the estimated pathloss behaviour, power-delay profiles, and delay-Doppler spectra from selected measurement runs, and their implications for vehicular peer-to-peer networks for increased safety.

MIMO communications, time-variant, MIMO channel

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