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P. Svoboda, F. Ricciato, M. Rupp:
"Bottleneck Footprints in TCP over Mobile Internet Accesses";
IEEE Letters of Communications, Volume 11 (2007), 11; 839 - 841.

English abstract:
In this paper we propose a novel method to detect
a bottleneck in the core section of a mobile network using TCP
related counters. The dataset used in this work consists of the
full TCP statistics for two different UMTS SGSNs over four
different one-day periods: one day in March 2006 and three
consecutive days in September 2006. We derived the number
of packets and the number of retransmissions per individual
user during the peak hours. These two quantities were put into
scatterplots to derive "footprints" of global TCP behavior in the
SGSN areas. One of the traces contained a capacity bottleneck
on an SGSN link. This trace was taken as the reference footprint
for bottleneck presence. Based on such reference we developed
a method to infer the presence of future bottlenecks based on
footprint similarity. We tested two different distance metrics. It
turns out that the simple correlation performs similar to a much
more sophisticated function based on a ratio of symmetriezed
Kullback-Leibler distances.

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