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G. Giambene, G. Samuele, P. Cristina, M. Ries, A. Sali:
"Traffic Management in HSDPA via GEO Satellite";
Space Communications, Volume 21 (2007), 1-2; 21 - 61.

English abstract:
Satellite systems are a valid alternative to cover wide areas on the
earth and to provide broadband communications to mobile and fixed
users. Satellite systems should be able to provide to mobile users the
same access characteristics of the terrestrial counterparts. This paper
investigates packet scheduling aspects for Satellite Universal Mobile
Telecommunication System (S-UMTS) transmissions based on Satel-
lite - High Speed Downlink Packet Access (S-HSDPA). A geostation-
ary bent-pipe satellite has been considered. The performance of differ-
ent scheduling schemes has been compared in the envisaged S-HSDPA
scenario, considering video streaming and Web traffic flows. We have
obtained that the Proportional Fairness scheduler with Exponential
Rule (PF-ER) permits to achieve the best performance for video traf-
fic. Moreover, video traffic traces have been used to evaluate the ob-
jective video quality achieved at the application layer, considering the physical medium behavior and different S-HSDPA scheduling schemes.

Satellite Communications, Scheduling, HSDPA

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