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V. Corvino, W. Karner, R. Verdone:
"Error Prediction Based Frequency Selection in MC-CDMA Resource Allocation";
Talk: 4th COST 2100 Management Committee Meeting, Wroclaw, Poland; 02-06-2008 - 02-08-2008.

English abstract:
In this TD the very preliminary results obtained
through the COST 2100 STSM "Enhanced Cross-Layer Scheduling
for Video Transmission over Multi-Carrier Systems" will be
reported. Objective of the STSM was to find out if the channel
prediction method developed at Vienna University of Technology
for a UMTS system (i.e. a single carrier system) could be applied
also to MC-CDMA, and then to implement the prediction model
into the software tool developed at UniBO for scheduling and
resource allocation in a MC-CDMA system. Preliminary results
show that link errors are predictable also in MC-CDMA systems
and thus, predictability can be exploited in the resource allocation
process for selecting the best group of frequency for transmission.

MC-CDMA, error prediction, resource allocation, multi-carrier

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