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M. Ries, O. Nemethova, M. Rupp:
"On the Willingness to Pay in Relation to Delivered Quality of Mobile Video Streaming";
in: "International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2008", IEEE Conference Proceedings, Las Vegas, USA, 2008, ISBN: 1-4244-1459-8, 195 - 196.

English abstract:
Provisioning of mobile video streaming became reality. The next evolution step in mobile video streaming is to allocate resources optimally from both the service provider and the user perspective. Therefore, it is important to determine the relation between the willingness to pay (WTP) and the delivered quality of mobile video streaming. In order to determine this relation we performed tests on subjective quality and WTP with the most frequent content types, codecs and their settings. A further analysis shows clearly a mutual dependence between subjective video quality and WTP.

Video Quality, QoS, WTP

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