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F. Fidler, O Wallner:
"Application of Single-Mode Fiber-Coupled Receivers in Optical Satellite to High-Altitude Platform Communications";
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2008 (2008).

English abstract:
In a free-space optical communication system employing fiber-optic components the phasefront distortions induced by atmospheric turbulence limit the efficiency with which the laser beam is coupled into a single-mode fiber. We analyze different link scenarios including a geostationary satellite (GEO), a high-altitude platform (HAP) and an optical ground station (OGS). Single-mode coupled optically preamplified receivers allow for efficient suppression of background noise and highly sensitive detection. While GEO-to-OGS communication suffers from atmospheric turbulence, we demonstrate that GEO-to-HAP communication allows for close to diffraction limited performance when applying tip-tilt correction.

optical communications, HAP, fiber coupling, EDFA, optically preamplified receiver, atmospheric turbulence

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