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A. Adalan, M. Fischer, A.L. Scholtz, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"UWB Transmit Signal Generation for Efficient Spectral Mask Utilisation in IEEE 802.15.4a";
Talk: 3rd IEEE UWB Forum on Sensing and Communications, Graz; 03-03-2008; in: "3rd IEEE UWB Forum on Sensing and Communications", (2008), 24 pages.

English abstract:
In this talk we discuss transmit signal generation for IEEE 802.15.4a. We concentrate on the UWB low band channels and recall parts of the standard, relevant for our work. During the presentation special focus will be on suitable signal shapes and pulse shaping networks for efficient utilisation of the spectral mask. We will propose how to optimise the transmitted UWB pulse shape without raising complexity, cost and power consumption. First we will give general design considerations and illustrate how to design a passive pulse shaping filter step by step. Afterwards, we will explain how to optimise it under real-world conditions. Finally, we will evaluate our design.

UWB, pulse shaping, filter

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