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B. Knerr, M. Holzer, M. Rupp:
"RRES: A Novel Approach to the Partitioning Problem for a Typical Subset of System Graphs";
EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, 2008 (2008), 1 - 13.

English abstract:
The research field of system partitioning in modern electronic system design started to find strong advertence of scientists about
fifteen years ago. Since a multitude of formulations for the partitioning problem exist, the same multitude could be found in
the number of strategies that address this problem. Their feasibility is highly dependent on the platform abstraction and the
degree of realism that it features. This work originated from the intention to identify the most mature and powerful approaches
for system partitioning in order to integrate them into a consistent design framework for wireless embedded systems. Within
this publication, a thorough characterisation of graph properties typical for task graphs in the field of wireless embedded system
design has been undertaken and has led to the development of an entirely new approach for the system partitioning problem.
The restricted range exhaustive search algorithm is introduced and compared to popular and well-reputed heuristic techniques
based on tabu search, genetic algorithm, and the global criticality/local phase algorithm. It proves superior performance for a set
of system graphs featuring specific properties found in human-made task graphs, since it exploits their typical characteristics such
as locality, sparsity, and their degree of parallelism.

System Partitioning, Task Graphs, Exhaustive Search

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