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Z. Arad, W. Herfort:
"(Pro)-finite and (Topologically) locally finite Groups with a CC-subgroup";
in: "Groups St.Andrews Oxford 01 ", C. Campbell, E. Robertson (ed.); issued by: London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes; Cambridge University Press, London, 2003, ISBN: 0521537398, 6 - 11.

English abstract:
A nontrivial subgroup M of a finite group G is CC if it contains the centralizers of its non-trivial elements. Many prominent researchers have contributed in the classification of groups containing a CC-subgroup M, among them W.Feit, M.Suzuki, M.Herzog, D.Chillag, Z.Arad.
In the present paper a complete list is given and generalizations to certain classes of infinite (topological) groups are discussed.

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