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C. Carstensen, D. Praetorius:
"On Stabilized Models in Micromagnetics";
Computational Mechanics, 39 (2007), 5; 663 - 672.

English abstract:
The effective behaviour of stationary micromagnetic phenomena
is modelled by a convexified Landau-Lifshitz minimization problem
for thelimit of large and soft magnets $\Omega$, with no exchange
energy. The numerical simulation of the resulting minimization
problem has to overcome difficulties caused by the pointwise
side-constraint $|\m|\le1$ and the stray field energy on the
unbounded domain $\R^d$. A penalty method models the side-constraint
and the exterior Maxwell equation is recast via a nonlocal
integral operator $\PP$. This paper gives an overview of
the available results and implementational details.

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