Publications in Scientific Journals:

N. Popovic, D. Praetorius:
"Applications of H-Matrix Techniques in Micromagnetics";
Computing, 74 (2005), 3; 177 - 204.

English abstract:
The variational model by {\sc Landau} and {\sc Lifshitz} is
frequently used in the simulation of stationary micromagnetic
phenomena. We consider the limit case of large and soft magnetic
bodies, treating the associated Maxwell equation exactly via an
integral operator $\PP$. In numerical simulations of the resulting
minimization problem, difficulties arise due to the imposed
side-constraint and the unboundedness of the domain. We introduce
a possible discretization by a penalization strategy. Here the
computation of $\PP$ is numerically the most challenging issue, as
it leads to densely populated matrices. We show how an efficient
treatment of both $\PP$ and the corresponding bilinear form can be
achieved by application of $\HH$-matrix techniques.

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