A. Mehlmann:
"Stability and Interaction in Flatline Games";
Computers & Operations Research, 33 (2006), 2; S. 500 - 519.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Starting from a given one-shot game played by a finite population of agents living in flatline, a circular or
constrained grid structured by the classical definitions of neighborhood, we define transformation rules for cellular
automata, which are determined by the best-reply behavior in standard two-person symmetric matrix games.
A meaningful concept of solution for the underlying population games will necessarily include robustness against
any possible unilateral deviation undertaken by a single player. By excluding the invisible hand of mutation we
obtain a purely deterministic population model. The resulting process of cellular transformation is then analyzed for
chicken and stag-hunt type cellular games and finally compared with the outcomes of more prominent evolutionary
models. Special emphasis is given to an exhaustive combinatorial description of the different basins of attraction
corresponding to stable stationary states.

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