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W. Auzinger:
"Error structures and extrapolation for stiff systems, with application in the method of lines";
Computing, 44 (1990), 331 - 356.

English abstract:
In this paper, the structure of the global error is studied for
some time discretization schemes, applied to a class of stiff initial value problems as they typically arise from the semi-discretization of parabolic initial/boundary value problems (method of lines). The implicit Euler and trapezoidal schemes and a locally one-dimensional splitting method are considered, and `perturbed' asymptotic error expansions are derived which are valid independent of the stiffness (independent of the meshwidth in space). The key point within the analysis is a careful, quantitative description of the remainder termin such an expansion.

The results are applicable in the method of lines setting and enable the prediction of the behavior of extrapolation algorithms for the class of problems under consideration. These theoretical considerations are illustrated by numerical examples.

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